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Services: Horses

We offer support on all your needs regarding purchase, horse keeping, training as well as sale of your horses.

Breeding: We have been successfully breeding horses and ponies for many years. To this end, we have built up excellent mares from which we expect our new foals year after year. Since we have traditionally “succumbed” to the dressage sport, we have also focused on dressage strains in breeding. It is always nice to see the births of the foals, and to see the young horses growing up.

Horse keeping: Our horses and ponies are held exclusively in the best stables with sufficient space and best care. Likewise, it is particularly important to us that animals are not lacking in anything. This makes it easy for us to provide enough exercise and grazing in a horse-riding environment, and to provide horses with all the necessary support for their health and, of course, the fun of the workout. Thus, specially designed training plans are always developed explicitly for each horse in the training, in order not to overburden the Youngster, and to help the already trained tournament horses with enough possibilities for the further development and of course for the success.

Training: We always make our horses and ponies age-appropriate, without demanding too much, but also sufficiently demanding, so that a balanced training is guaranteed, which is to be adapted to the type and performance of the animal.
This is exactly how we do it with the riders. In this way, we have a team of riders of all ages and abilities, who are always at hand with advice and deed, and to whom we are able to provide constant further training by providing training and absolutely perfect equipment there.
Due to the different talents of our riders, we have also been active in the Springsport for quite some time and now we have different possibilities for the promotion of riders and horses

Sales: Are you looking for support for selling your horses or ponies? We are constantly looking for new options for our team, but also for horses or ponies for our partners.
Dressage and jumping horses as well as ponies are welcome …

We are looking forward to your contact.




Services: Rider

We offer young and talented dressage riders a personally fitting schedule that includes managed tournament participation, fully fletched euqipment and young aspiring dressage horses.

By consistant training and education by carefully selected successful trainers we are constantly developing rider and his horse to the greatest potential success.

Our management guarantees the rider’s full concentration on his sportive career. All non-core activities are managed by us and our team.

We are looking after all commercial aspects and leveraging our riders via our extended international network so that nothing gets into the way to a successful dressage career.


Tournament management