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Since the beginning of our own active sporting career as equestrians we admired dressage riding. The appearingly easy execution of demanding exercises mirror the deep trust between horse and rider. Grace, ease and elegance are probably the feelings that rider, horse as well as the audience experience during dressage sport.

We often realized that talents for higher classes of dressage sport stay undiscovered. From our experience this is due to wrong or non sufficient training of horse and rider or a simple lack of nescessary means or even basic material to form a successful dressage horse or rider. The path to get there is long and consists of many stages of development.

Our team is committed to the breeding and training of young talented dressage horses guiding them from the German „Young Horses Exam“ to the higher classes of dressage sport. Together we are shaping the development of horses and guiding them along the lenghty path. It is of utmost importance to gently build up horses over a long period. During this development phase we are stimulating the natural locomotor system, strengthening the appropriate muscles and teach age-adjusted lessons. At the end of this staged development program our horses are able to deliver superior dressage performance.

A successful dressage career requires in addition to a perfectly developed horse an individually adjusted training curriculum. This is why we train talented and highly motivated riders and support their advance to the highest classes in dressage.